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I haven't had a very good deer season.....

.....until this Thursday.

I never even squeezed the trigger during Pennsylvania's regular firearms season.

It's now Pennsylvania's flintlock season.
I found a spot in the woods for the afternoon sit. At about 3:25, I saw movement out in front of me up thru some hemlock bottoms. It was traveling from left to right. Then it turned toward me. When it came out of the hemlocks I could see that it was a doe. I had two doe tags to fill, so I waited until she was about 15 yards away & I squeezed the trigger. She bounded once to the left & then cart-wheeled back to the right where she went down in a heap. I stood up, reloaded and checked the time. It was 3:31..... Plenty of legal hunting time left yet & I still had a buck tag & another doe tag left, so I sat back down. Several minutes later, I saw movement up in the hemlock bottoms again. Another deer was coming. This time, when it cleared the hemlocks, I saw antlers. The buck started toward me like the doe had, but then he turned to my right. He was going around me at about 40 yards out. I made a noise to stop him. He paused, but not long enough for me to get a shot off. I made the noise again & he stopped again. This time I was able to make the shot. The buck turned & started trotting away. I thought that I had missed. Then he stumbled & disappeared in the distance. I reloaded & went to look for sign of a hit. It didn't take long to find a good blood trail. I cautiously followed the blood trail, half expecting to jump him up. About 60 to 70 yards later, I found the buck piled up between two down trees.

I got in a hurry to get both deer gutted & out to the truck before dark & didn't even think to get a pic with my gun in it or with both deer together. I wish that I had.

Two deer down in ten minutes. I Had a Good Day Thursday. I'm happy!

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