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Originally Posted by DVW View Post
I should clarify, I use a saw for the pelvis, sternum, sometimes for removing the head and for removing the legs at the last joint. However, I don't saw through bones at the same time as the meat that I'm planning on eating (such as in making Bar-B-Q ribs). IMO getting the bone bits in with the meat can make it taste bad. That has been my experience anyways. Doing it this way, even the "gamey" bucks taste like little does. I'm sure that others may not notice a differences. This could be due to different diets the deer eat or the different tastes of the individual. Typically I fillet the meat off of the ribs leaving very little between them. Then I just give the carcass to the coyotes and birds. I think I added it up once and got less than one pound of meat from between the ribs. Really not worth the bother.
Thank you for that clarification. It makes all the difference to your previous statement. venison fat is awful but most of the gamey taste comes from the deers diet, and the care of the processing of the animal from the field to the fry pan. improper care of meat can make all your efforts from the season a waste.
the entire deer can be deboned without ever touching it with a saw. but on a late Sunday evening and an early Monday workday approaching and the daytime temps threatening 50 degrees. Got to quarter it and chill it ASAP.

I take extreme precautions in caring for my deer from the time I grab their antlers till the time I cut and plate it.

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