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I guess I have a different take on this. I've hunted many years in extreme cold and know that cams do influence felt draw weight. We use to set our bows down 5# just because once your muscles tighten up you cannot draw your normal weight. A round cam bow draws twice as easy as a radical D cam bow just because of the design. There were many times when all of us were unable to draw our bows because we were froze. We finally got smart and set the bows down before the trip sighting them in at the lower weight. It's the main reason I prefer/purchase mild cam bows. I do agree that you need consistant form for good shooting and you need a bow that is comfortable to shoot under all weather conditions. Speed at the sacriface of comfort isn't worth any price. I'm sure today's bows are different than yesterday's bows and the brace height issue maybe is not what it once was. Just a few years ago I wouldn't ever considered a short brace height bow purchase. Let the debate continue, it's good for hunting.
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