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Originally Posted by spiker View Post
Sorry but i couldnt disagree more.The average archer the guy who starts shooting before hunting season should shoot a bow with a 7inch or greater. They cant handle a bow with a low brace height.These speed bows with hard cams take an expierenced archer with the same repeatable form shot after shot.The problem is average archers think they can shoot these bows because they dont get their arm slapped because of the string stop.Take a mathews monster or pse omen take off the stop and 99.9 % of archers will have no forearm left.They all have too much hand on the grip which torques the bow but they dont know it.In cold weather these hard cams are tough to draw and have very harsh draw cycles.With the advances in speed theres no need for the archer to go with one of these bows.The average golfer does not use blades for irons like a golf professional does he uses forgiving irons.A higher brace height bow with a softer cam,better draw cycle, and smoother valley is a much better fit for the majority of archers.
disagreements are a good thing. other wise some posts would only be the initial post with, nothing following.

Many of the problems you described are directly related to the shooter, their experience or their form or lack of it. if you are shooting a bow improperly, a string stop( which is designed to take out excessive string vibration) is not going to stop you from smacking your arm. I can go outside right now with any of my xforce bows and shoot it improperly and hit my forearm.
cold does not physically affect the bows draw-ability beyond the shooters comfort,cam design does. and as far as hard cams go, all of my 6" brace bows draw as easily if not more easily than any of my long brace bows and are rated 300fps IBO or better.
I self taught myself to shoot a bow and I know my form is not the best. and I know I could use a lot of work. but I can generally hit what I am shooting at with repeatability out to 50 yards(in the kill zone). I am not a newbie or a seasoned world class pro. probably an average archer.

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