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You all have to remember one thing.. Ron Paul will not be good for the Republican party to run. Here's why and remember, next time you hear him talk, think about this.... He has GREAT goals and GREAT things to say- heck I agree with 95% of what he stands for. Here's the problem... He's SO radical that the Dem's want him to get the ticket because all the American's in the middle will not want his radical ways (even though they are good) and there will be some true-blue repubicans that don't take him seriously (cutting spending by $1 trillion dollars???? COMON) SO, what does that do? Makes more votes for Obama. That's why you are not hearing the democrats and the other liberals talking bad about Ron Paul. THEY WANT HIM IN the ticket vs. Obama. Remember, we need a change from Obama.. let's not ask for the moon and stars too.

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