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Yea the scope is a 17 year old leupold. its what my dad gave me when he got a nice new $800 scope for his .270. Also I cant believe it was excitement. I dropped 6,7,8 pointers this season and none of them went further than 10 feet. I dont buy me getting "buck fever" on a doe that probably didnt break 95 pounds. I was gonna go shoot the target again but if its a terrible scope once the sun starts setting going out there mid day and putting 5 thru the center isnt going to prove anything.

Also this isnt the first time I have had problems with this scope. I have missed other deer right as the sun was coming up as well. But when I sit from 4-5 or before daylight savings 5-6 if I saw it I dropped it. I dont think going through 2 more boxes of .243 ammo isnt going to prove anything because I know I can light up the target. But now with the season almost over and I can look back on all my missed deer. Every single miss was either right before sun up or right before dark.
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