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Missed the same deer 4 times....

I know my scope is dead on. I can put 5 rounds in an area the size of a quarter at 100 yards. But tonight the strangest thing happened. I have 4 doe tags to fill so thats all I am shooting since only 4 days left in the season. Tonight I had 2 nice does walk out around 5:15 and head to my corn pile. I waited till they got there and stopped. Both were broadside to me. I slowed my breathing, pulled the rifle butt tight into my shoulder and put my cross-hairs on the bigger doe. I had the cross-hairs right on her heart/lung area at only 45 yards and I slowly squeezed off a round.

I didnt see the round hit dirt like when I have missed before but the deer didnt go down either. Also the strangest thing is she didnt take off running only took 3 steps and stopped. I readied another round had my scope dead on her again and squeezed off and still no hit. She went about 12 feet and stopped again. So I chambered another one lined her up and fired. Nothing, so I fired again.

I shot 4 times at a deer no more than 40-50 yards away and missed every time. I admit I have missed from this exact stand before as its the one I mentioned in my post about searching for deer. But I have never seen a deer sit there and let me empty my clip at her. The week before I folded a 115 pound doe like a chair at twice the range in the same stand so I dont know what to make of what happened. I kinda chuckled to myself and nicknamed that doe Tebow.
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