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I was recently involved in what started out as general discussion and became a very intense and elaborate discussion on this very subject.
the rule of thumb for brace height is the shorter the brace height the longer the arrow is in contact with the string and hence the more time the shooter has to influence the product of the shot and the longer the brace height , the shorter time the arrow in in contact with the string and the less influence the shooter can have on the outcome of the shot. so Ive been told.

many arguments can be brought from both sides in support of that statement and just as many to refute it. the problem in the case of this type of discussion is really in the proving of the statements which is most difficult because the only way to get an unbiased result is to conduct a test with a shooting machine and when you do that you take out the element of human error which is really a key factor in the whole statement.

we pretty much ended the conversation with is, 1", 1 1/2" or even 2" of string travel really going to make a difference with the speeds being generated by the bows of today? NO!
10-15 or 20 years ago? YES maybe
my reasoning is this. take a bow generating 300 ft per second. any influence you make during the shot has to occur in roughly 2 300ths of a second. I am willing to bet you cant do much of anything in that span of time. I believe that if anything brace height forces proper shooting form because it magnifies the subtleties of improper form.

From personal experience though, I am shooting bows with a 6" brace height much better than I shot my long brace height bows. granted they are much faster, but that is yet another point that was brought into the the discussion.

all in all, disregard brace height as a factor in the purchase of a bow. shoot the bows you think you would like and if they feel good in the hand and they shoot well for you, go for it.

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