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Yes sir! You won't be disapointed with the moultrie brand. I know I'm not as of yet and I've been running them for over a year now. I run my cameras year round and they do fantastic. Another brand to stay away from is PRIMOS. They can NOT take the summer heat. They will shut off just like your cudde is doing. One thing you might try on your SD card for the cudde (if it's still taking pics) is using a different brand card rather than cuddebacks??? I'm not understanding why it won't let you view them on your dig camera unless cuddeback has the cards formatted where you can only view them on a computer?? who knows, they do crazy things. As far as the warranty with the cameras- here's my experience... when you call and complain to them about the camera stopping or not working or whatever, DO NOT tell them when you bought it. And if they ask, just tell them you think it was not quite a year ago. Here's my reasoning for this... if I'm gonna pay more than $100 for a camera it had better flippin' work for more than one year or even two years! IT better last closer to 5-10 years! Now, I have not had to send back a cam to moultrie (obviously), but I did this like I said above with the primos and the WGI cams. If they ask you if you have the reciept tell them NO!

GFD-- ahhoh buddy.... guess what?? it finally happened. My last WGI cam went black on me! haha It lasted almost 2 full years! I'm actually kinda impressed. But you guessed it, I'm gonna send it back. I'm not the type that throws money away at this stuff. 2 years is NOT enough for my money. The cam still turns on, but I left it out on a HOT trail for 2 weeks and I checked it today and when I went to transfer the pics to my moultrie view finder it said "SD CARD EMPTY". Plus, on the camera where it tells you how many pics it has on it, it just keeps saying 12. Never changes. Got a gift card from my parents for Christmas to Bass Pro for $50,, gonna use it and the money I make off selling the new WGI they send me and buy another moultrie. LOL!

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