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Yes your brace height is measured from the back of the grip to the string. Seven inch is the key number, seven and over is a high brace and under seven is a low brace. As far as the differance well to a newer shooter none only because they would not have the experience to know they were shooting in bad forum to start with unless they had help from a knolagable friend or someone else. I would still recommend a high brace for a new shooter, if they are going to self teach just to pull out for hunting.The lower the brace the faster an less forgiving the bow, keep in mind an arrow spends its first part of flight correcting its self from the initial shot, so the more off the peron or the bow and the combination of the two the more time the arrow needs to correct, and in some case's this is fixed with better forum and some with proper tuning to the equipment. Usually bad forum will a lot of the time equal string rash on the forearm, one realy common sign of bad forum. I even still seem to get mine every now and again rushing a shot.

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