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I use a T/C 36 cal with round patched balls for squirrel hunting. Years ago I silver soldered a handle on an empty 45 cal shell. That is what I use for a powder measure and it works great. In my 45's I use home made bullets and 80 grains of FFG to get good accuracy. I even use some of that store bought lubricant after many years of using Crisco. Now I mostly hunt with the CVA and the other rifles rest in my safe. That rifle only cost a fraction of what some of my others cost and possibly I lucked out but it is by far the most accurate muzzle loader I own.

I have an engineer friend that I worked with for 37 years. He had never fired a muzzle loader and spent two years building one. It is a thing of beauty. He called and wanted to know if I would show him how to load and shoot it. It is a flintlock and I don't even own a flintlock now. He brought it over and I showed him all the things to do and not to do. That dang thing worked great and he was really pleased. That was fun with all the smoke and fire.
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