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I couldn't have said it BETTER H-billy, when you put a rifled barrel on a shotgun, you no longer have a shotgun, now you have a 12 gauge rifle. And as far as the ammo being slugs,nonsense, these things are 50 caliber jacketed, either tipped or hollow point rifle bullets. The muzzleloader deal you talked about in Florida will probably happen, mostly due to the fact that the state biologists might be thinkin' that the yearly harvest is growing too rapidly, maybe due to the increased efficiency of modern day MLs. I know that many states out west, like Washington, for example, you could only have steel open sights(that changed to allow fiber optic) no scope, no 209 primer ignition, and NO SABOT AMMO!! And NO jacketed bullets, pure lead only. They say that by imposing these restrictions they can issue more tags for the "primitive weapons season". I can see that reasoning, lets more people have tags. But I think it also leads to more crippled and not recovered game too. Anyway, I like your take on the "slug guns"!!
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