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Something To Ponder

I've been sittin' here since 3:00 am reading posts and drinkin'(coffee-HAHA), but this just popped into my caffeine laden brain, thought I'd throw it out there. I live and hunt in Illinois, and for years I have always found this hunting law we have to be strange, to say the very least. We have to use shotguns and slugs for deer hunting. Which is fine, I love my slug gun, especially with the high-tech stuff that's come out in the last 10 yrs or so. And I understand the population thing, you don't need rifle bullets flyin' around where pop's are more dense. But here's the deal. So you deer hunt in a spot for a week-end, you finish up Sunday evening. You put your slug gun away. But on Monday morning, it is PERFECTLY LEGAL to go right back to the exact same place you just deer hunted the day before and coyote hunt with a 300 Win Mag or whatever other high-powered weapon you want!!! Isn't that a kick!For the life of me, I will never understand that thinkin'. I know they probably feel that with more people in the field during a deer weekend it is safer, but there are people out there all the time, regardless. Thought some of you might find this interesting-
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