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The answer isnot simple. It would bge impossible to help without seeing you hunt. Obviously, you are doing something wrong but I have no idea what. It would be easy to say, you are hunting in the wrong place but if your cameras are showing deer, that belies that.

I use none of the products you mention. I do hunt clean. By that, I mean I shower before going to the woods and wear clothes. However, I use no scent products and take no special pains. I routinely kill deer from the same stand as often as three times in 10 days. I field dress them where they fall and if possible, drive right to them to load them.

I have no feeders or cameras but if your feeders are getting hit at night, something has turned your deer nocturnal. The most common thing is pressure. Pressure can be anything including hunting. Here is the major question I would ask. Are others in your group having the same trouble and are you the only ones hunting that same area?
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