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Catfishing With Chicken Breast Strips.

We buy the outdated breasts out of the store and keep them frozen. Thaw out four to six and cut them into long strips about an inch wide. Double them so you have one side longer than the other and hook on a circle hook. If we are fishing down lake and in deep water, we use a 3/4-ounce weight on one side of a three-way, about 10-inches of line and the hook on the other, about 14 inches of line.

Drop to bottom and reel up two cranks. Never set the hook, just reel in and hold on. If fishing the tailwaters, we use spinning reels on medium to heavy action rods and 10# line, usually, no weight or maybe a light splitshot. Just let them run and start reeling.

Biggest to date is 68#. Lots of fun.

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