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The deer populations are steadily going downhill in a LOT of places, here in Illinois the harvest totals have been on the decline since our record harvest of 2006!! I have afriend who goes home to Wisconsin every year to hunt with family, out of about 11 or 12 guys they would have 20 to 25 or so deer hangin' by week's end. For the last 3 years of the same bunch they may have 1 or 3. I know where I'm at in Illinois, up until 3 years ago, I could kill at least 1 deer every day that I hunted, and I mean 1 DEER EVERY DAY!! I can't tell you how many deer I've let walk. Now, WAY DIFFERENT deal. And there are a lot of days that I go in the dark and don't come out 'til dark. I have a lot of thoughts on this, but I don't think I can type that long!! But anyway, I'm with BRUCE, get in the woods, it is still way better than sitting at home watching Jerry Springer!!!!!! I'm leavin' again next Tuesday for a 4-day doe season and I definitely don't plan on seeing much of the cabin!! Good luck to any of you guys that still have some season left.
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