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and on top of all that if your planning on voteing for somone just because you like there odds against obama, Newt should be your last choise. as stated above, once he gets taken seriously the media will destroy newt, he has given them all the ammo they need to do it to. and of all the canadtes Ron Paul stands the best chance of beating Obama. he can get bolth the concervitive vote, and the liberal vote. why? because he stands for the consittution, which is exacly what us concervitivs want. and in doning so relizes that it is not the Federal govts job to regulate our day to day lifes, and that if there is to be any regulations that it should be at the state level. there for there will be no federal laws for or against guy mearage, abortions, and drugs. wich is what the liberals want. however what they fail to relise is that these things can still be regulated at the state level, and most states would regulate such things. and the few who dont, well all the liberal loonys will move there. then we wont have to deal with them. seems like a win win to me.
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