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i agree. if it comes down to newt vs. obama, i will without hesitation vote for newt. however right now its not newt vs. obama. right now its newt vs. Romny vs. Paul vs. perry vs. bachmen vs. huntmen vs. santorum. i think right now we dont have to focus one one canadate vs obama. right now we need to deside who that one canadate will be. and of all the canadates i think the best is Paul. in the primary that is who im going to vote for. he dose not sway his opinion wich ever way the wind blows, or change it because his opinion is un poular. he votes on what he thinks is consitutional right. in an age were the constitution is getting trampled on every day by our elected leaders, that is exactly the kind of man we need in the white house. and if newt, or romny wins so be it ill definatly vote for who ever is upagainst obama. however last time we had the primarys i liked Paul and Huckabee, but against my better jusgment voted for mcain in the primary, wich of corce he won, then did he beat obama? no so this time around i am voteing for who i like in the primary, and hopeing he wins. sence NH is the first primary im hoping that he can win hear, and that all the guys who are sitting there saying "gee i like paul, but the TV tells me he dont stand a chance, so ill vote for newt so we dont get stuck with Romny." will see it and think wow, Paul realy can win it hink ill vote for the guy i actualy like this time around.
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