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Originally Posted by JerkyPlinker View Post
I'm awaiting my first non-inline ML. I have heard that since you can't push the brush all the way through on these older type caplock barrels, that the brush has to be undersized, so you can reverse the direction of the brush without it getting stuck or digging in. This brings several questions:

1. Is the use of the bronze brush necessary?
2. Should I get a .50 brush for this .54 (it's the next closest thing), but will it actually do anything?
3. How many of you put wrap some steel wool around a .50 brush to make it bigger? Does the coarse-ness of the steel wool matter?
4. Is there such thing as brass-wool? And is that better?
5. Any other comments?
Take it from someone who has been there. Never put a bronze brush down your non-inline barrel.

I bought my first traditional ML this year. I shot it a few times and came home to clean it. I used a bronze brush and it broke at the base of the bore. It took about three hours to get out.

From now on it is soap and water. After the soap and water a patch to dry it followed by a patch with a little oil. It is then stored muzzle down in the corner so any excess oil runs to the floor.
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