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We have a Pastor who admits that before Jesus Christ he never met a six pack he didn"t like. That being said sometimes to get stuff straightened out you need someone who has been there to understand what is really going on.
In the case of this Pastor his strong suit is to talk to alcholics, why? because he has been there and knows all the excuses and junk making him an expert.
He fully admits he would have wished otherwise but that is where its at for him. Perhaps we need to have someone who is used to wrestling in the mud to get the job done. As my dad says you don't have to like it just do it to get the job done. However if we don't soon get our act together it will be time for Obama act 2, and this time he doesn't need to worry about reelection. He will be 5 times worse!!!!! Newt or Obama? you choose if it comes down to that.
I really don't think there is much out there to get excited about.
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