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And while I'm thinkin' about it, I killed my first deer in 1970, and I still remember my buddy Howard standing next to me, me with the"what now?" look, and him saying"GET YOUR KNIFE OUT!" The DEER FAIRY is not gonna show up and do it for 'ya. As far as rough ground, I have a little 20 acre woods that was logged off 5 or 6 yrs ago, and I guarantee a field mouse has a rough time gettin' through it, but I still hunt through it and I'm 63. Worry about locating first, worry about gettin' it out after you locate it. And if you make a hit that is a little off, you may not have blood for the first 20 or 30 yds, but there will be blood. When a deer runs off after you shoot, don't watch the deer, watch what's around it as it's running so you can find the exact same path it took. Things look one way up in a tree, can look pretty different when you hit the ground again.
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