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Originally Posted by Predator View Post
Provided it is legal in your state to quarter game. In Illinois, it is a no no.
and there are limitations to most all the responses here. you have to make your best effort to retrieve shot game, and in the end, the best judge of your best effort, is you.

If others are to be the judge of what is and isn't enough effort, then I might say anything short of 6 days tracking don't cut it. now how many are guilty of not enough effort?
I have never left a downed for responces,if they dont want them then dont ask the question.Also if your hunting an area that is to hard for you to recover a downed deer then your hunting in the wrong spot for your limitations.If you dont even go look to see if it was down then how do you know? seeing no buzzards days later is no answer. In my aea for quartering game laws says " the head and evidenve of sex may not be removed from the carcuss of any deer in the area"
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