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I agree... but with the state our country is in right now, we need to get it back to being healthy again before we can work on morals. We are so ran into the ground as a nation from the democratic party that it isn't even funny.
I agree with you huntnh... I don't particulary "LOVE" newt for president, but he's the ONLY one with a level head when it comes to politics. The others, can be paid off to "change" their views. That's what scares me. Mitt Romney has a price tag and many will pay it to get their way. Being level-headed here, let's face it, it's going to come down to Newt and Mitt... out of those two I'd take NEWT any day of the week.

out of NEWT and OBAMA who would you pick? lol I'm betting I know the answer! :)

I get your point though... seriously,,, newt won't be leading any "family" classes anytime soon! haha

James 1:2-8
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