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Originally Posted by on_the_fly View Post
peanut butter is a cheap easy bait, i used it a few years and had a lot of travel on trail cam to them. i took the peanut butter lid off and screwed it to the trees about 4 1/2 foot off the ground, then all you need to do is before you screw the peanut butter jar back on the lid that is screwed to the tree, cut the bottom of the jar off os the deer can lick/ eat from it, being able to screw the jars off the tree makes changing them easy and does not do any more harm to the tree, ( i carried a box cutter to remove the bottoms with) cut the bottom off the neww....unscrew the old....screw on the new ...... n done

WOW onf--- i'm impressed,, that's a good way to do the peanut butter thing- gonna have to try it out. Thanks for the tip!

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