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Hi W&S: I set up a new T/C Triumph 2 yrs ago for a young friend of mine, also a newcomer to muzzleloading, with 777 pellets and Hornady SST's(these are Shockwave's, T/C does not manufacture bullets). In 3 shots we had it 2" high at 50 yds, I thought "great". Moved him back to 100yds, hits all over the place. Long story short, he wasn't getting the bullet seated all the way down hard on the pellets, 777 likes to make a "crud ring" down by the breech plug and after a few shots was impeding the bullet seating. I marked his loading rod at the muzzle, (should've done that right away)and then no more problem, gun shoots well. You need to be using 777 primers with 777, makes a big difference in accuracy. Regular 209 primers are too hot for 777. I can't say that your problem is the 777 pellets, I used them for years with great accuracy and no problems other than the crud ring. I switched to Blackhorn this year, and it is great. Consistency is fantastic and the more you shoot, the better the gun loads. And it is easy to use, no worse than pellets. You also need either Federal 209A or CCI209 Magnum primers for B-horn, this stuff needs a lot of heat to light up properly. You'll find that most of the guys here at DHC have gone to B-horn for in-line guns. Anyway, if you stay with the 777 pellets, get some 777 primers, and I would suggest the Easy-Glide Shockwaves, T/C bores are notoriously tight, but that is why they shoot well too. Make sure the bullet is seated firmly on the pellets, swab between shots, and that gun should shoot fine. Let us know how you make out when you experiment a little more.
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