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Originally Posted by DVW View Post
Five inches looks to be a good length if the blade is narrow enough. Very cool that you can use it for all steps of the process.

That is a great knife for a first try. My first ones were horrible. Industrial band saw blades are typically L6 steel. That is great stuff. Gets a very fine (sharp) edge and is flexible.

Your drop point knife is broken Do you still use it that way? Your old fillet knife is simply awesome. Good size, shape and history. I love handing knives and guns down through the generations. Compared to electronics, knives and guns are inexpensive, they hold their value so much better, and are useful for well over 100 years. That's a good piece of family history. I have an old knife that my grandfather made right after WWII from a file. It was his Christmas gift to my grandmother. She didn't have any kitchen knives and they didn't have money to buy one. I still use it. Later today I will try and post a picture of it.

It is great to see all these pictures of knives that are seeing use in the field! Especially ones that are hand made or have some history to them. Keep them coming.

Yes, I know. broke it on this years buck cutting through the sternum. Buck said they are busy when I contacted them and it would take 6-8 weeks to respond to it. and they want me to ship it to them. figured I would use it the best I could till after deer season ends.
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