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Originally Posted by spiker View Post
I want to share a personal story that made me sick and furious.Years ago while bowhunting with my cousin he set up right next to the neighbors line where we couldnt hunt or have permission to go on.That night he shoots a six pt with the bow.It takes off and runs of course on the neighbors.When i met my cousin i notice where he is set up and say what the hell did u think would happen?He tells me oh well we cant track it so thats it.I was pissed and got into a huge argument with him and my uncle and told him he was an idiot for setting up there and doing that to the deer.He slept like a baby, i was sick to my stomach, and the next year i bought my own place and never hunted with him again.The moral of the story is yes things do happen bad hits,lost blood trails,but we have to prepare ourselves as best we can to be able to cleanly harvest an animal and be able to recover it.Sorry about the length of the post.Ps. Best decision i ever made the number of deer he has wounded is insane.

Just curious about the laws you have up there spiker. In TN if I shoot a deer that goes on someone else's land the law protects me to go look for it. First I would just go ask the landowner. If he is an ill butt then I call a game warden and fill him in on the situation. I almost guarantee any of our TN game wardens would go tell that land owner we are going to go find that deer. Thats garbage if you cant! We cannot control where the deer runs after we shoot it. I do not hesitate to hunt right on a fence row in TN. If the deer crosses in a low area of the fence (or where its broken down) and I shoot on my side then he is legally taken even if he runs and dies on the other guys property.
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