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"No matter what bait you use, once you start killing deer over it, they quit coming."

I only have one "safe" place to shoot on my 15 acres of property due to the placement of my neighbors' homes around and behind my place. Texas allows baiting, so I toss out a small bucket of corn periodically then head out to my deer blind and wait. I've had no problems getting a second, or even a third deer in the same place.

Deer are ornery critters and definitely have a mind of their own. What you think will draw them in - might not. When you think they will arrive - they don't. You have to figure out what works for your neck of the woods over a period of time, meaning a couple of seasons or more. I've been hunting here for over a decade and know what works here.

Don't have a clue what will work a county or two over as the deer there are going to be different. Have patience. Yes, putting one in the freezer is nice, so's the adrenaline rush of having a nice buck show up, but spending time in the woods alone or with one of your kin (preferably one of your kids) is just as relaxing.

My $.02 worth on this subject.

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