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Honestly it sounds to me like you are visiting your property too much. I know it's awfully tempting to go check cams after 3 or 4 days out, but what I've learned about them is generally deer don't even start showing up on the cams until a day after I place them somewhere new, or just simply pull the cards in them. Deer can smell your scent on the ground and around the camera. I do not use the EARTH SCENT spray, I just the unscented. The earth smells different where you live than here where I do, I guarantee it. Try that, that should help as well. Spray down your cams after you reposition them in new places and after you pull the cards. I also try to pull cards on cams before a storm or rain hits. That way much of my scent gets naturally washed away.
Another tip I have for you is this,,, if you are getting 200 pics on a camera in only 3 or 4 days, why move it? I'd leave it alone. you've obviously found a hot spot. Try leaving the cameras out for at least 2 weeks at a time. You'll have ALOT more pics and you'll notice you'll have more mature deer showing up on your cameras. Younger deer are more curious, therefore they will visit a freshly checked or repositioned trail cam just out of curiousity. Mature deer will not- generally. I would leave your cams out in the field, they can help you pattern your deer. Also, I do not bait during the season, not only because I can't legally, but like the others said, it makes the deer pattern themselves differently. The only time of year I bait (and it is legal) is in late winter and on into the spring and summer. The only bait I use is corn from MFA and I have 2 mineral licks. I don't buy the big market crap because it's just that, crap. I had someone give me a bag of apple bait stuff for deer- it looked like brown pellets that cattle eat but they smelled like apple. I put them in front of a cam just to see what would happen and 2 weeks later I went back and the pile was still there, but it had rained and it was a big pile of MUSH. Waste of time for me, and money for my buddy.
Try these tips and I believe you'll be more successful. Good luck
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