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Originally Posted by rdrader2002 View Post
Hey Tator,

I've referenced folks to the Remington website several times, too. And yup, I'm very pro Remington due to the fact I own two, they're both older than I am, and still as accurate as the day they were manufactured. Remington may have had issues with a couple of their bolt action models in the past with their safeties, but they've posted a URL on their website for people to use to check possible serial numbers. Any issues with the safeties can be dealt with after contacting Remington Customer Support. (Can't attest to this since mine are both semi-auto and don't fall under the recall.)

But if there are good deals out there to be had, I welcome someone finding them and letting the rest of us know about them. My $.02 worth on the subject, anyway.


I agree with you,,, like I said, I was just curious! Heck there's probably people who think I work for Moultrie game cams because I talk about them so much or for Trophy Rock because I push them heavily. I was in NO way trying to insinuate that his posting of Sportsman Guide was a bad thing. I was merely curious as to if he worked for them. BTW- I checked out the website and they do have alot of good deals. They have a 15' ladder stand for $39 that I picked up yesterday.

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