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Originally Posted by thomasmgp View Post
Honestly didnt realize how bad it was until I was a few feet in. I havent hunted that part of my land because with all the cutting and then them spraying I figured the deer would have moved away from it. But since everyone said all my deer were nocturnal because of my activity in the woods in my other post this stand was my only option as it hasnt been hunted all year and is on the other side of my property. Had it been a morning hunt I would have gone back to my cabin, put on snake boots, thicker clothers and jacket so the briars wouldnt have bothered me. But even if I did make it to the deer wasnt like I could just sling it over my shoulder and walk back out.
thomasmgp it isnt always as easy as just slinging it over your shoulder & walking back out. Could you gone back in there in the morning with help?
for me if it takes all day to get it out that is what I do
I guess all I can say is it happened it sucks learn from it

well said spiker I try to always scout the land i am going to hunt every year as the vegetation changes constantly
even new places like first time in NY. I take a day or so looking at the land before hunting just so I know what I may be in for

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