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When do you give up searching for a deer?

Finally saw a nice doe tonight and got a shot off. Knocked her down but she got up and ran right into the one place I really did not want to go looking. Place we just had our timber harvested so stumps and fallen trees everywhere not to mention briars 2" long. Was warm out so I was only wearing blujeans and my lowtop boots so trying to make my way through was great fun but I didnt wanna leave my deer for the buzzards.

I could hear that she was down somewhere I just couldnt get to her. But when something like this gets stuck where that deer was I figured no way in hell i was gonna get there and even if I did would have been impossible to drag her out by myself. Also was getting dark quick. In case your wondering what got stuck back there it was one of these:

Anyone else given up looking for a deer they know where its down but just impossible to get to because of the terrain? Should I have kept trying to get to the deer?
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