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Well the first thing I can say is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Do I agree with him that FDR was the best president? NO. That's my opinion. However, if you think about it, we have had more BAD presidents in this modern era than good ones.
Between 1933 and 1937 FDR got this country's economy going again. We were coming out of the depression and he jump started it. He was a very persistant and optimistic president who lifted the American people up. Our current President does NOTHING of the sort. He talks to us like HE'S the one without a job, home, money, car, etc... he's a joke. Now, all that said, he was a Democrat as well, so he wouldn't have gotten my vote! lol... all I'm saying is that you have to see where the guy is coming from.
Plus.. Don't believe everything you hear out of Glenn Beck. That guy can be very "overwhelming" to a person watching.

James 1:2-8
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