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I heard somethings about Newt today on the Glen Beck show while on my drive into work that made my stomach turn.

In one of the books that Newt has written he praises Andy Stern as being a great leader and visionary of how the world will operate in the future. If you dont know who Andy Stern is look him up. Quick facts he is a Union Leader abd is Very open about his mostly communist views. He also has made the most white house visits during Obamas first year in office.

The other thingBeck was talking about was who Newt thoufght was the best President of the Modern era. Time after time (he played the audio clips) Newt said FDR. Quick summary - FDR laid most of the groudwork to transform our country into the quasi socialist country we have now and if not for WWII probally would have made the complete transformation along with Europe at that time.

No one is perfect I know - Just think about these and please look them up for yourself too.
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