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Originally Posted by scribe View Post
You answered your own question.
I believe you will have better luck next year if you hunt where you think the deer are traveling and stay out of the woods for any other reason.

BTW- If you have any of those old cypress stumps and knees still in the swamp, they are worthbig money right now.
Probably gonna move some stands around after the season so I can be closer to their travel routes as I have figured out where 2 of them are. I also have a 5 acre duck impoundment we dont flood anymore and im gonna plant with with that clover from whitetailinstitute they should go there. Also will use my cameras to scout before the season starts. I havent hunted my land in probably 6 years so the cameras were necessary to find them. Wont need them next year. Also since we will be doing food plots year round probably wont need the bait either.

Also didnt help the fact that this year the farmer chose cotten and my dad replanted his pines so we lost some acreage. Nxst year I think its either corn or soybeans, so that combined with clover should be more than enough to get the deer where I want them without needing to bait. Also hopefully again the swamp will be flooded so the deer cant bed down there. Unless deer will still bed down in 4 feet of water.
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