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Muzzleloader help!

Okay so I am new to muzzleloading, I bought one to give me another season to deer hunt anyway I am having a bit of a problem with my gun. I have a thompson center impact, I was shooting 250gr shockwave bullets. I went to sight in my gun over the last few days and have had nothing but problems. My very first shot was dead on and little high at 50(just like I wanted it) I then moved back to 100 yards and this is where it went bad. my shots were moving all over the place I would make adjustments to correct the accuracy and the bullet would be off target. after shooting over 15 rounds i began to think it was the scope so i put on a new scope and went back at it the next day. first few shots were on target but needed some adjustments once i started adjusting they started shooting all over the place again. shot another 5 or so shots and the last one did not even hit the plywood target. there was not consistency where the shot would hit say 4in high so i would do the appropriate adjustments and the next shot would be like 12in low it really started to bother me and now I don't know whats wrong.

any tips or help would be great!!! I am now only able to bow hunt during this muzzleloader season because i could never get it sighted in.
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