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Lotta fun for sure. They tear the heck out of grazing land. When I lived in WY, we use to go out regularly with .22 rifles and a case of something and spend an afternoon in the hot sun. My then B-I-L had 22,000 acres near Glenrock and we really worked on the vile things.

At night, we worked on the jackrabbits. We got .15 for blacktail and .25 for whitetail. They used them for mink food and glove linings. We hunted them from the truck when it was cold and when we had a truck load frozen in the truck, I took them to Casper and sold them. Paid for the shells and gas.

Side benefit was, I became one heck of a rifle shot. Elk, antelope and mulies out to 350 yards were in serious trouble if I had a solid rest.
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