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With all due respect to Charlie, his book and the information within has been proved to be mostly in error. Mostly his material regarding the effect of the moon on the rut. Many state angencies have done thermal imaging studies on whitetal activities in regard to the moon and in particular the effect of the moon on the rut.

Fetal development studies reveal a great deal about the rut. Of interest, and to make it short, here is what those studies have shown. (1) The moon phase no effect on the start, continuation or peak of the rut. It does not influence activity diurnal or nocturnal. That is effected by weather and in most by temperature. (2) In short, the rut is the same time every year within approximately 10-days. It may be a short or protracted rut and hunter observation depends almost totally on temperature. When it is warm, activity is at night. It is that simple.

Deer do not feed more on a bright moon night. There is no difference in the amount of feeding activity. What may differ slightly is the time of day deer feed. There is some evidence, though no hard fact that deer on a full or bright moon, may feed and travel later in the morning instead of at first light. However, studies done in agricultural fields on both the darkest and the brightest moons (I took part in one of them), indicate no difference in number of deer feeding at night or the length of time they fed. There is not one shred of factual data to prove otherwise.

But it sounds like a great story, doesn't it. And if you want proof, if you live in a state with an aggressive game department, just ask them for information and a copy of their research. It really is that simple.
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