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Originally Posted by joel the signman View Post
ok what i would do is walk the perimeter of the woods/field and look for deer sign.if there are corners that would be a good spot to start if you go with a buddy one can walk in the woods 50 yrds deep and the other walks the edge just outside the woods.walk together wear orange if you kick up a deer one of you should be able to get a shot off .the other option is to set up on the spots where you find the sign.I would bet 20$ that theres got to be a trail winding thru the woods to the corner of the field i would post 30-50 off that trail with a good shooting lane.bring warm cloths some thing to sit on and a thermos of something warm and food and sit there all day with your binnoculars should see does moving at first light and 1 hr before sunset the bucks will follow the does.dont leave at lunch time .deer are hip to that and will get up and walk around from 12-2 then rest you've got a plan go use it and post a pic of your deer.

Dang, this guys good!!!
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