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Originally Posted by daddus1 View Post
As you said you are a Christian. There is only One who will never fail you.

This is true- but it's just hard to see someone you admire and look up to turn to greed. The more and more I hear on sportscenter the more and more it's confirmed.... money. The thing I can't stand is that there is NO loyalty anymore in anything. I mean, the Cards fans treated him with so much respect, love and care and he just walks away from it without even saying good-bye.
I know there's many people out there saying he has the right to take more money because he's worth it- I'm NOT arguing that... he IS worth more than any player in MLB (including AROD), but you're missing the point. The STL cardinals DO NOT have the payroll the yanks, sox, dodgers, angels have. They don't have that kind of money to spend. If we offered that same deal to pujols we'd lose half the team because we couldn't afford to pay them. That's what we were hoping he would keep in the back of his mind. THis is more than just baseball. This is his team, his home. He knows the cards couldn't pay him $254 mil in 10 years. HE KNEW THAT from day one. Remember, before the season started he was asking for 10 years/$300 mil from the cards and he'd sign right then and there. That's absurd! We are not in the BIG martket like those other teams listed. That's why our tickets to a Cards games aren't like $200 just for a nose-bleed seat. If you go to a Yanks game, you're going to pay out the WAA-ZOO just for a ticket. I like the Cards and the way they do things. I in NO way think they dropped the ball on this. They offered what they could and what was FAIR. He was offered more, and took the money over the fans, the team, the friends, the home, and most importantly the city.

like I said, Good riddance.

James 1:2-8
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