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WHOA.... Maybe he didnt like how management treated him through the whole negotians deal? Maybe his wife wanted to move.. Maybe his kids will have better schools.. Maybe its been his life long dream to play for the Angels.

Maybe he prayed about it and the Lord told him it was time to move on. Maybe the Lord has a plan for that extra 50 million to be used on HIS work. Can you imagine the tithe check on that?

With all that being said I would be ill if I was a die hard Cardinals fan like you. It is frustrating how it has became just about the money (99%) of the time. Use to it seems folks like building a team and staying there.

Like M. Jordan said on the Lebron deal when they stacked the Miami Heat last year. He said he would never had wanted to play with L. Bird or M. Johnson. It was always his goal to beat them. The old timer baseball players always hated the other teams. There was no chitchat patting on the butt everytime the other team was standing on the bases.
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