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Originally Posted by spiker View Post
Tator sorry it is a great baseball town but once again it just proves. ITS ALL ABOUT THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

How come our HEROs always seem to fail us? I mean, I know Pujols is my age, but he's been around since he was 20 and I've followed him ever sense and admired him for NOT being like the Jeters, A-Rod's, Manny's, Ortizs, and other COCKY players. Now, I'm not so sure he isn't more like them than I thought, just in another way... GREED.

You know what this brings to mind? The whole LeBron James thing that ultimately made him look really bad and destroyed his image to many people who looked up to him. It's not for switching teams, but because of HOW he did it (national TV on a SPECIAL show just all about him).
Well in a sense, Pujols kinda did the same thing. Except it wasn't on national TV and it wasn't all about him.. but it was for the SAME reason... MONEY!

Think about it, what else could it be about? HE JUST WON A WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have Berkman, Holliday, Furcal, Wainwright, Carpenter, Freese, Jay plus everyone else COMING BACK. LaRussa left, but Mike Matheny is the new skipper (WHOM PUJOLS HAS PLAYED WITH AND LIKES PERSONALLY). John Mabry (WHOM PUJOLS HAS PLAYED WITH AND ALOS LIKES PERSONALLY) is going to be the assistant hitting coach. Mark McGwire (WHOM PUJOLS HAS PLAYED WITH AND ALSO LIKES PERSONALLY) is the hitting coach... COMON'... this is BLACK and WHITE. It's money. There's nothing more. I personally can't wait till I get home tonight and watch sportscenter to see what he says about this. I want to hear his excuse. OF COURSE he's not going to say MONEY, but I want to hear his stupid reason.

The more I think about this the more it makes me mad.

James 1:2-8
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