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Albert Pujols

Ok, I just got the news and I'm very highly upset. This is not something that I expected and it sort of feels like someone close to me has died, in a weird way. By now you've probably heard that Pujols (arguably the best hitter in baseball) has signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for a reported $250 million for 10/years. This deal could extend up to as much as $260 million when all is said and done.

Here's my problem with this whole thing. I am a Christian and Albert is a Christian athlete. Always done the right thing, always made sure he was watching what he said and what he did. He doesn't drink, swear or cheat. He's a man's man and a HERO to many here in Missouri and the surrounding areas (including myself). He's not only a good baseball player, he's a great person. He played 11 seasons with the Cardinals with not a word said about wanting more money or wanting a trade or anything like that. Didn't stir up trouble or problems for 11 years.

We all knew this day would come, that he'd have to make a decision on whether to go or stay. As time went on this season many were upset here in Cardinals Nation about the low-ball offer the Cardinals were offering him to stay. Many had their doubts about whether he'd be worth that much money in 10 years or not. Why take that gamble? Well the Cardinals reportedly offered Pujols 9 years and a little under $200million to stay in the greatest baseball town EVER with the greatest baseball fans EVER.

Here's my grief: If he's truely a Christian and truely a baseball fanatic like he says he is, why would you up and leave a team that you just won a world series with, when every game (AND I MEAN EVERY GAME) is sold out constantly all season long, and the fans love you to death! Why would you leave? You have charities set up here for down-syndrome children because your wife has a child with this disability. That charity is based out of ST. LOUIS. Your home, your friends, your family are all here (Pujols is originally from Kansas City area). So why? That's all I want to know. The only thing I can come up with is MONEY. GREED. GETTING WHAT'S COMING TO HIM. This is NOT the Pujols we know. This is not the athlete I know as a hero. This is not someone I want to wear on my shirt anymore.

Why not be the bigger person and go on national TV and say, "you know what, I love it here in STL and we just won a World Series and everyone of importance is coming back, I'm going to take this offer even though I could make more, and I'm going to sign for the FANS who have supported me through thick and thin." WHY NOT? MONEY, that's why.

Comon' seriously, if there is a BIG difference to you between $200 million and $250 million then you have too much DANG money to start with. As long as I live I will never make $200 million. HELL I'll never make $2 million. Probably never even $1 million! But it's worth it to him, to get what he has coming to him. He doesn't want to be made fun of by other major leaguers for taking less money. He doesn't want that image.

I'm guessing Mr. Pujols has made a lifestyle change because he's no longer the Pujols that I rooted for. He's not the hero that I have on a FATHEAD in my basement with WWJD on his baseball cleats. Nope, he's a money-hungary spoiled baseball player.

Sorry to say this, but I hope he fails in Cali. I hope he fails Miserably and regrets leaving the best city for baseball (THAT INCLUDES NEW YORK OR BOSTON). I'm also sorry to say, that everything Pujols in my house is coming down. The fathead in the basement, the posters on my son's wall, the bobbleheads, the jerseys, that neatly wrapped poster I bought on EBAY that my son WAS going to get for Christmas this year, and YES even my cat (whom we named Albert a little over 6 years ago) will be getting a new name.

Greed is an evil thing. Good riddance, Mr. Pujols, thanks for letting us down.

James 1:2-8

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