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Hope they get caught. Road hunting is highly illegal here in Texas. When my son went through his hunter safety course, the Game Warden giving the class gave us an example of what happened to one hunter that got caught.

The hunter was driving a late model 4-wheel drive Bronco, with a nice high end rifle with good optics (didn't go into the specifics), even had a scoped S&W .44 Mag on his hip when he was approached by TX DP&W Game Warden on a back county road a couple of counties from where I live. When asked what he was doing, the hunter stupidly/honestly said, "Hunting! You want to see my license?"

The hunter called his wife wearing nothing but his skivvies, since EVERYTHING INVOLVED in illegal activities is confiscated and turned over to the county prosecuting the case. The county sheriff's department got a late model Bronco added to their fleet, didn't even have to change the color - only add the sheriff's decals to each side. The police department got a brand new rifle for their SWAT team. Not too sure what happened to the scoped .44.

So please do call the game warden. Maybe if enough of them call home to mama from the hoosegow wearing nothing but their skivvies then maybe the word will get out.

Just a little advice from Central Texas, that's all. (and my $.02 worth on the subject)

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