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Definitely stick with Moultrie! Several years ago I went with a Cuddeback on a friend's recommendation and was happy with it, pics were high quality and trigger speed was the fastest out there, battery life is great. Then I found out that you almost HAVE to have their viewer to check cards in the field, their software won't let your digital camera be used as your viewer, won't read the card! Their viewer was $150 at that time. I did find a viewer that will read anyone's software format for $60 so I was good with that. Then a little bit out of warranty, the cam started shutting itself off when it felt like it. Called C-back, they basically told me to go ---- myself. Bad cust service. Moultrie has surpassed C-back in both innovations and service. I just talked to a guy who had a 4 yr old Moultrie that failed, sent the cam to Moultrie, they said they did not have parts anymore to fix it, they sent him a BRAND NEW CAMERA!!!! How can you beat that!!!!! Thought you guys might like to know this info.
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