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I have a somewhat painful response for you. Afew years ago I had 5 deer crashing around my stand and the one doing most of the crashing was a fine looking 8 pt and I was trying like heck to squirm silently in the stand to get a shot. Well after most of the deer ran off the buck stopped about 75 yds to my right, way right. So instead of trying to twist myself in half trying get a right handed shot I thought I'd be clever and pull off a lefty shot. I aimed steadily just like normal and shot. I hit the buck far back (guts) and he went tearing off crazily and I knew that I was in trouble. I gave quite some time then went to look for blood, tracks, fur, anything. I found a slight trail of blood and tracks and moved on it just a little ways and I ended up kicking the deer up with hid guts literally dragging on the ground. Right then and there I backed out, went home and called my old man. We looked for 2 days and found nothing and we were both very familiar with the area. A long story but I learned that my first time shooting left was my last time. I don't know if it was a case of what eyes dominant or the scope was adjusted to my right eye or what?
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