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Yeah, he's really not using the right primers for Pyrodex anyway, we'll fix all that with the Bhorn and Federal 209A primers. Thanks HM, luck is what it will take to see one of those bucks again, I may as well throw a dart as to where to start Friday morning. Our rut this year was way out of kilter, of the big bucks I managed to see not one of them had does and the biggest one of the bunch was still traveling with a little fork horn, the others by themselves. Ditto for guys I talked to who hunt other areas. I actually watched that biggest one checking a line of scrapes on our opening morning of gun season which was Nov. 18. Generally here the rut is winding down or pretty much over by that time, yet here is this giant buck still trying to round up girlfriends. But I'll give it another whirl, still better than sittin' at home watching Jerry Springer.
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