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Bear Jones/Calvin,Ok
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Default dipping

If you dip every time you goto fill your feeder or scout in the preseason just pack your ol'lip full and start spit'n. Deer will get used to your smell after a bit. When i hunt i dip wintergreen most of the time, ive had deer walk under my stand and spit on there heads, spooked them for a min but the smell hasn't bothered them that i can tell, i'm sure it was the plop on the head... I mean come on if you can get a reaction from peeing on a scrape, which does work, whos to say some ol'swamp donkey might wonder in and ask for a pinch... I'm not saying these things work for everybody but, if you dip and plan on dipping while you hunt it might not hurt to try some different things to see what reaction you get..
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