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Originally Posted by Predator View Post
NO, they have to go home and do it the right way. like those who immigrated in the 1900s.
If it were up to me we wouldn't have this problem. you dont see too many N. Koreans immigrating to S. Korea just as you didnt see too many E. Germans going into W. Germany.

I think you are missing the point of my post- i'm on your side--- What I'm saying is that a VERY high majority of illegals would NOT want to be in the American military. They are here just for the benefits. Therefore, they would NOT come here. If they were found here illegally for ANY reason, they immediately got signed up for a 4 year stint in the military. After that 4 years, they can do what they want- now granted they can not be in a position that allows them to put American lives in danger. They can work at the nuc-bomb facility out in the field lol!

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