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Help me

interprit a few hunting regulations from my state. this is the exact wording under general rules.
it is illegal to....
>hunt with a fully automatic firearm. It is also illegal to hunt with a semmi-automatic rifle with a clip or maggazen holding more than five cartrages (exept rimfire rifles and pistols);

>use full-jacketed metal case bullets;

reasoning for me wanting help interpriting these rules. im strongly consitering activly hunting coyotte, and plan on using my AR to do so. the fully automatic thing is a non issue. only reason i put it in there was for exact wording of this rule.the first rule has two parts i question wether my interpritation is correct. the general belef (to my knolage) is that the mag cant be bigger than a 5 rounder. my interpritation of this is that i can use one of my 30 round mags as long as i dont have more than 5 rounds in it. i also interprit it that i can have one in the pipe, and 5 in the mag for a total of 6 (in the gun, but only 5 in the mag)
do you guys read into this the same way i do?

also the second rule. this one is not an interpritation, its a right or wrong answer. is a jacketed hollow point a FMJ?
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